What should your 2018 Goals be?


Do you get overwhelmed at this time of year with all the things you think you should change in 2018?

I do.

I call it my busy brain fog. I’ve just finished up a big family celebration (Christmas) and instead of relaxing and enjoying checking everything off my list, I start another long list of things I should do.  I like to use a SMART tool to accomplish my personal and professional goals. But first, I have to figure out what my goals should be.

I started a mind map for 2018 and quickly realized it is an awesome brain defogging tool. It quickly showed me where I’m strong and where I need to spend some time. I looked it up on Pinterest and here are the rules I used:

1-Start with a sideways piece of paper

2-Put the topic in the centre. I coloured in the flowers while the other topics occurred to me.

3-Trust the process. All of my jumbled ideas sorted themselves out. I just let it happen without judgement.


What this means to me:

I’m going to continue to use this as a way of sorting out my ideas. Going forward, I’m going to give each of my topics it’s own mind map. I found my branches are becoming interconnected with

shared topics.

Other tips for mind maps.

Mind Maps are a recommended as a learning tool to retain information so I’m going to try that out with some of my professional development.

Pictures as well as words are supposed to make it more effective.







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