Healthy Habit # 8 Hobbies are Good for Your Heart

Good news! It’s time to dust off that passion that you can’t seem to find time for. Pursuing your hobbies for as little as 20 minutes a week is good for your heart. Even better news, it doesn’t matter what your hobby is as long as you enjoy doing it. Here are some tips and tricks for finding those elusive 20 minutes and putting them in your schedule. https://happyhealth.ca/2022/01/habit-2-schedule/


Hobbies are just as good for your heart as exercise

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Unmanaged stress is linked to heart disease. Stress causes us to release the hormone cortisol which raises our heart rate and blood pressure. How we manage our stress will help us prevent heart disease. 


 Top tips for finding a hobby that fits?

Sometimes we don’t know what to do with our free time or we want to get the most out of our limited free time. Here are the top tips for relaxing hobbies

1-Go outside (walk, hike, photography, sightseeing)

2-Join a group-loneliness increases our stress so any activity that you enjoy in a group setting will decrease your stress

3-Add music-you can sit and listen to it, join a fitness class that plays music while you move, or learn to play an instrument

4-Do something with your hands, knitting reduces all sorts of stress-related aliments, but anything you build with your hands will do the samehttps://www.lifehack.org/314247/6-unexpected-benefits-knitting

5-The hobby will have the best long term impact on your physical and mental health will be the one that engages you mentally as well as physically