Happy Habit of walking outside in a forest
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Happy Habit # 5 Go for a Walk

Can we make a happy habit?

Happiness is a feeling, and what makes me happy might make someone else feel something else entirely. So can we build a happy habit the same way we develop our healthy habits? Health is a clinical measurement, while happiness is constructed from individual perception and cultural values. Most adults struggle to name what makes them happy. How do we make a happy habit when we aren’t sure what they are made of?

Serotonin is linked to happiness

Happiness is linked to the chemical serotonin in our brains. So the happy habits I’m going to explore increase serotonin. I’m going to explore different ways of cultivating happiness, and some things will work better than others. One of the keys to improving your happiness is to explore what works for you. Let’s stay curious.

Make Going Outside into a happy habit

Going outdoors for a walk will cause instant physiological changes: lowering blood pressure, increasing serotonin, and an increasing sense of purpose. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317451 Ideally, your trek will be in a park or natural setting to get the full benefits of the physiological effects. It doesn’t need to be a long walk 15 min daily is enough to get the benefits.

Winter Blues

Many of us are going through the mid-winter blues coupled with feelings of lethargy from the pandemic effects on our lifestyle. Getting outside will bring a much-needed boost to our moods and energy levels. It doesn’t have to be an epic hike. Just get outside and walk around the block. It will be extra beneficial if you can do it in the middle of the day, especially if you live in a cold wintery place. moods.https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/01/210108084121.htm

It’s tough to get going so make it a regular short walk that you use some of the scheduling tricks from habit # 2 https://happyhealth.ca/2022/01/habit-2-schedule/ to make sure it fits into your busy day.