Habit #4 Review, Reset, Refocus

Review your plan and change your plan to meet your goals (if needed)

1-Review What Worked and What Didn’t

Are you feeling Happy and Healthy? Most of us have struggled to meet all of our get-fit goals. Review your measurements from HappyFitHabit # 1. Are there any positive changes in what matters most? I saw no change in my weight, although I’ve been eating a healthier diet. My husband lost 7 pounds, so I’m frustrated! However, I reviewed my measurements and found I’d lost 7cm. So I’m getting denser? 

Take a few minutes to review your plan and what got you off track. Be honest with yourself, no judgement, just look at your scheduled workouts or diet and what you ended up doing instead. Did you undereat day after day and end up tired and so hungry that you couldn’t help yourself but overeat with whatever came to hand? Did you plan to work out at a time that really doesn’t work for you? Or maybe your workouts were too intense, and you ended up injured. There are a million different ways to get off track and just as many ways to get back on track. Once you have a clear idea of why your plan didn’t work, you can reset it.

2-Reset your Plan

If your plan wasn’t working, reset it. This sounds much simpler than it is. My plan was a pretty simple one I’d workout for at least 30 minutes a day and follow my diet guidelines. I took rest days when life got in the way, which was about twice a week. I think my plan is working for me, even though I haven’t lost any weight. I’m going to be more intentional with planning my workouts. I’m going to lift weights in the gym twice a week, do cardio three times a week, and have a reformer workout day. 

Stack my Schedule

I will make this adjusted workout schedule easier to follow by planning my workouts to occur along with something I’m already committed to doing. Accountability helps people stay on track, and I’m going to add accountability by asking someone to join me in some of my workouts. 


Refocusing is hard. We have to change the story we tell ourselves before actual change can occur. Most of us aren’t aware of why we keep getting in our way. Let me suggest a simple phrase to say that I got from my coach, Amy K, when you struggle and can’t figure out why.

Even though I….. (whatever it is that is holding you back)

I love and trust myself enough to …..(whatever it is that is you have planned)

Even though I’m not athletic

I love and trust myself enough to go to the gym for 30 minutes.

Try it; it’s surprising how effective it is.