Welcome To Happy Health!

Welcome to Happy Health.

I’ve spent many years in the fitness industry, and I’m constantly delighted by the way physical transformations happen alongside a more in-depth self-awareness and the building of healthier habits. I think of this transformation as people reaching their happy health. It’s the point where they no longer worry about losing weight and have more energy to enjoy the things they love to do.

Certified Personal Training

My Personal Training focus is on functional fitness. This means I train the movement, not just the muscles. My certification allows me to test a client’s abilities, body composition, and mobility. Build them a program that helps them achieve their goals and then retest them for measurable results at the end of the program.

Certified Health Coach

As a Health Coach, I look at the whole person and their lifestyle-not just the 60 minutes they are in the gym with me. I find that a holistic approach is what helps my clients build the skills they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Pilates has changed the way I think about movement. We spend so much time sitting that all of us need to increase our range of motion core and facia strength. We can’t truly improve our strength if we haven’t improved our mobility.

Alberta Fitness Educator

My passion for fitness extends beyond what I can do in a day. I run certification programs for fitness instructors looking to certify in Exercise Theory, Group Fundamentals, Aquafitness, Resistance training, Portable equipment, Cycle, and Mind Body.


Certified Personal Trainer CSEP https://csep.ca

Health Coach ACE https://www.acefitness.org/

Trainer Educator Alberta Fitness https://fitnessalberta.com/

Pilates Instructor:https://www.pilates.com/


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